Our Story

How we met

It was a freezing cold December evening in 2012 at The Cannery Bar in Bozeman MT. Marin walked into the bar and her and Cory locked eyes. She went up to him and told him he was cute, he agreed that she was also cute, they exchanged numbers and have been together ever since! Romantic, I know :) 

The Proposal

Christmas morning bright and early. I  (Marin) was wondering why Cory was all dressed up as I was still in my PJ'S, If I would have known he was going to pop the question I would have put on real pants! Everyone was done opening presents and Cory turned to Marin and asked if she really thought that was all that he got her, ( I really liked the puffy vest and blanket I picked out for myself and he wrapped and put under the tree), but yes thats all I thought he got me, not a big deal. Cory went to our shop and we could see him from the basement window. He brought out a HUGE sparkly red wrapped box and Marin's mom Melanie said, "I think he got you a rifle", I was completely conviced he got me a rifle, and I was excited! He was struggling down the stairs with the box so I went over to help him, in my excitement I took the box away from him and went straight to the floor to open it. I look up and there he was on one knee asking me about forever. I said YES and here we are making a wedding website :) No I did not get a rifle